About Me

I've spent most of my life using computers; my first machine was a Commodore CDTV at age 3, and after transitioning to Windows in 1997 my passion has continued to grow. In 2003, I wrote my first HTML page (albeit using horrible markup!)

Upon completing my degree in Computer Science and French at University of Chester, I worked at Sky as a software developer, working on a number of internal and commercial projects. My experience lies within engineering the Xbox 360 and Windows 8.1 apps for NOW TV using C# and JavaScript respectively, as well as the Sky News website with Node.js and Express.

I took this experience with me to NET-A-PORTER. In this role, I used technologies such as Node.js, React, and ECMAScript 6.

I am the founder of Northgate Software Ltd., a software development and training company; clients include Channel 4 Television, YLD, and SitePoint.

I really enjoy software development and I endevour to do the right thing in order to deliver a great result. I treat user experience, reliability, and maintainability as first-class citizens.

Outside of software development, I enjoy hanging out with my mates, playing my guitar, listening to music, and speaking French. I also cycle and play badminton.